St. Paddy’s Day Treasure Hunt

I love St. Paddy’s Day.  I really do!  I want my kids to have a great time too!  I was searching around trying to find something fun and stumbled across this site. This treasure hunt looked fun, so I thought I’d give it a try this year!

Boy did peanut have a blast with this….. Bumble bee didn’t really get interested in it…. but sure loved the rewards!!

While the kids were playing I went and hid all the clues.  We did the first clue together and I let the little man run the show from there!


As we got things going on the treasure hunt, Peanut got even more pumped about the Leprechaun bringing him a pot of gold!
(Notice Peanuts outfit…. mismatched socks, with shorts, it was like 30 degrees that day……)


The clues have different actions you have to do (skip, jump, walk backwards, etc) Bumble bee really got into doing them….. or not!


even if she didn’t find a single clue…. she’s adorable!




And there he left it!  Right in the fridge for us to enjoy!


I got some awesome sun glasses that light up and of course Bumble bee broke them within 5 minutes….. They pretty much devoured their jelly beans too (organic and allergy free of course!)

This was a lot of fun!  I’ve never seen Peanut so excited to follow directions (seriously).  Maybe next year Bumble bee will be a little more excited about it!

I’m hoping to put something together for an Easter egg hunt.  I think the cousins would love to join in on it too!

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